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44 minutes ago Horoscope Today: Are the stars lined up in your favour? Find out the astrological prediction for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and other zodiac.

Let it bolster you. Let it linger in the air like a good song. Like the scent of a lover.

How Virgo Season Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Like the sound of laughter. Let it land and let the sound of its landing resound throughout your life. We need as many bolstered souls, as many lighthouses, and as many grounded folks as possible. Now more than ever. Ishizuka, L. Kauffman, and Melissa Gira Grant. Because I am alive, because I dare to love, because I refuse to play it safe, because I know I cannot hide from you.

Because I allow myself to feel the extent of how much I care, I allow myself to be moved by you. Because I want to get all that I can out this one precious life, I stay conscious while with you. I move myself up to your level. I allow you to rise to mine.


I believe in our inherent wisdom and I look for signs of it. I do not get entangled in your emotional process, but I respect it—immensely. I support you by respecting you. I do not hold you to the past.

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If I cannot forgive you then I disengage until I can. Which may be never. But it might be tomorrow. I allow myself to discover that as I go.

I release myself from your expectations and I set you free from mine. I know that the only way to really love someone is to do so with an open hand and an open heart. Real love needs no institution. Real love cannot be measured in trinkets, papers or laws. Real love needs no games, no strings, no claws and no rings. Real love rips us open to reveal the sacred nature of this existence. It is brutal, it is beauty and it is here for us if we have the courage. You and I. This water sign works. Captain of All the Feels is a full time job. Cancer needs love.

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Cancer needs family. Cancer needs you to know what it wants without expressing it outright.

Crabs move sideways. Cancer is the loving parent and the infant. There is no greater force of love in the universe than a contented, self-assured and centered Cancer. Chani Nicholas. Inauguration Affirmations: Horoscopes for the Week of January 16th. Your job is to be open to understanding each relationship as its own unique and very much alive entity. In some cases, better boundaries are needed. In other cases, it would be better for you not to waste your time feeling bad about feeling bad after you see someone.

Some people unknowingly yet still unfairly ask us to hold their unhealed complexes, leaving us out of sorts and pulled from center. In such cases, keep handing folks back their work to do so that you can get busy with the season that favors your growth and goodwill-spreading. Wow, this is something I really needed to hear. My creativity heals me. My creativity teaches me about the transformative process of creation. My creativity teaches me that each and every pain has a purpose in my development. As long as I can keep allowing this creative energy to move through me, it will show me how to make a success out of what has felt like a failure.

Horoscopes & Monthly Astrology from Chani Nicholas | Chani Nicholas

It will help me tap into and align myself with the regenerative power of nature. It will always bring me back to my natural alignment with the rebirth of the earth. Every part of my journey is to be used on this path. Every part of my journey can inform my way forward. Every part of my journey has taught me an invaluable lesson. I put all these aspects of my life to good use. I put everything, holy and unholy, that happened to me into the creation that is my life. I need not leave any part of myself behind. I remember that anything that I have lived through can be composted and repurposed.

Fertilizer for the soil.

Here's How Cancer Season Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Fuel for the tank. Fodder for the mill. I know that my ability to make something out of whatever I have been given gives not only life to my projects, but hope to all those in the same boat. I know that my ability to become a conscious creator of my life helps me to attract those that can support this unfolding process.

I know that each time I trust this creative energy that runs through me my intuition gets stronger, guiding me more clearly to my destiny.

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  • Scorpio, this year we will need you to teach us about commitment. To ourselves. To our growth, no matter how messy. To our survival. No matter how precarious. We will need you to teach us about being comfortable in our intensity. About valuing our potency in a world that wants to sterilize it. About withstanding all the haters and the hypocrisy. Teach us how to twirl on their insults and skate through their deathtraps. We need you to teach us your survival techniques. Teach us how to know our power. To work it to our advantage. Without hesitation. In service to all.

    Teach us how to keep secrets. Show us how to go under the radar.

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    Help us to outsmart evil by playing to its weakness. Help us to transfix it, seducing it into traps that ensnare it in its ways. These horoscopes are meant as a call to action. They are meant as a call for the best of each sign to step forward within us, in whatever ways possible.