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44 minutes ago Horoscope Today: Are the stars lined up in your favour? Find out the astrological prediction for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and other zodiac.

If you're normally like that, I urge you to rebel. The dilemmas and riddles you face right now are very solvable if and only if you get sufficient amounts of sleep and dreams. Do you need some nudges to do right by yourself? Neuroscientist Matthew Walker says that some of the best athletes understand that "sleep is the greatest legal performance enhancing drug. During his heyday, world-class sprinter Usain Bolt slept 10 hours a night and napped during the day.

Champion basketball player LeBron James devotes 12 hours a day to the rejuvenating sanctuary of sleep.

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He made 31 musical films during the 76 years he worked, and was celebrated for his charisma, impeccable technique, and innovative moves. At the height of his career, from to , he teamed up with dancer Ginger Rogers in the creation of 10 popular movies. In those old-fashioned days, virtually all partner dancing featured a man taking the lead as the woman followed. One witty critic noted that although Astaire was a bigger star than Rogers, she "did everything that Fred Astaire did.

She just did it backward and while wearing high heels. Watch animals. It would be the healthiest thing you could possibly do: Relax into a generously receptive mode as you simply observe creatures doing what they do. The best option would be to surrender to the pleasures of communing with both domesticated AND wild critters. If you need a logical reason to engage in this curative and rejuvenating activity, I'll give you one: It will soothe and strengthen your own animal intelligence, which would be a fine gift for you to give yourself.

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It lasts for many hours. I begin by visualizing the recent events I've experienced, then luxuriously scroll in reverse through my entire past, as if watching a movie starring me. Jupiter ends its retrograde on August 11, asking you to break out of your comfort zone—which could be quiet stressful! Don't be afraid to reach out for support; you don't have to do it alone, dear Taurus.

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Ask for advice from people who have experienced what you're going through. This is a profound time to heal and get closure, but only if you can witness and hold your emotions—even pain—rather than repressing them. Stuffing your feelings away isn't just about ignoring them; sometimes we lie to ourselves about what's going on.

What story or "spin" have you been putting on something in order to keep yourself from getting upset, Taurus? As Jupiter ends its retrograde in blunt, tell-it-like-it-is Sagittarius, it's time to tell yourself the truth. Jupiter's change in direction also finds you working out tricky financial issues, so tap someone who's great at budgeting to help you sort out your debts, taxes, inheritances, or shared resources like bills you split with a partner. Also on August 11, Mercury enters Leo, boosting communication at home and finding you having discussions about your feelings and boundaries.

Uranus begins its retrograde in your sign on this day, which might find you more irritable than usual or in a risk-taking mood. Take it easy on the coffee or other things or people that get you jittery as Uranus changes directions.

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A warm, cozy atmosphere descends as the sun and Venus meet in Leo on August 14, finding you reconnecting with your sense of home. He is unable to grasp the theories that centuries' worth of critics have developed about his work.

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With this as a cautionary tale, I invite you to time travel not four centuries into the future, but just 10 years. From that vantage point, look back at the life you're living now. How would you evaluate and understand it? Do you have any constructive criticism to offer? Any insights that could help you plan better for your long-term future?

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In addition, I hope you will engage in at least two heart-to-heart talks with yourself, preferably using funny voices and comical body language. You could also align yourself gracefully with cosmic rhythms by dancing more than usual, and by goofing off more than usual, and by wandering in the wilderness and seeking to recapture your lost innocence more than usual. Like everyone else, I'm a huckster. My flackery may be more ethical and uplifting than others', but the fact is that I still try to persuade you to "buy" my ideas.

I hope that what I'm saying here purges any reluctance you might have about presenting yourself and your ideas in the most favorable light. It's high time for you to hone your sales pitch; to explain why your approach to life is so wise; to be a forceful spokesperson and role model for the values you hold dear. I suspect that you also know almost too much — but I don't anticipate that will spawn envy and resistance as long as you cultivate a bit of humility.

I have an additional duty to report that you're on the verge of being too attractive for your own good — although you have not yet actually reached the tipping point, so maybe your hyper-attractiveness will serve you rather than undermine you. In conclusion, Scorpio, I invite you to celebrate your abundance, but don't flaunt it. Zoologists say that each male prefers its territory to be about 84 square miles and each female likes to have 44 square miles.

I don't think you'll require quite that vast a turf in the coming weeks, Sagittarius.

But on the other hand, it will be important not to underestimate the spaciousness you'll need in order to thrive. Give yourself permission to be expansive. Is there anyone you could or should or want to say something like that? If your answer is yes, now is a good time to be so candid and bold. If the answer is no, now would be a good time to scout around for a person to whom you could or should or want to say such a thing.