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44 minutes ago Horoscope Today: Are the stars lined up in your favour? Find out the astrological prediction for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and other zodiac.

Booker kicked off his presidential campaign Feb. Join me on this journey. Your guide to the wild world of politics. Congratulations and welcome to the race to one of my closest friends, corybooker! I'll be cheering you on—just, you know, not TOO hard. A total of 10 candidates have announced they are running for president or have launched of an exploratory committee.

Cory Booker is more interested in publicity than the public's interests. By the end, he was off the team. The experience still shapes his political pitch. But this video brought me to tears. Others shared the video for its quality, attempting to put politics aside. CNN political reporter Rebecca Buck said it stood out from other campaign videos for its creativity. Fergie confirms where Beatrice will get married. Hailey Bieber shares first photos of wedding gown. Do you really need to rake up leaves?

Royal split continues as Sussexes removed from site.

January 23, 1960 Birthday Facts

Best corn mazes and pumpkin patches in Canada. We are intimate once a month. Is that enough? Woman sexually harassed on Virgin's in-flight chat.

‘As surprising as the sun rising’: Reactions to Cory Booker’s 2020 campaign for president

I fell in love with my 'work spouse. Lady Gaga debuts shocking pink hair colour. Kate's engagement ring inspired James Middleton? Reese Witherspoon just chopped off her hair. Most women are still wearing the wrong bra size.

Swedish royals strip grandkids of royal status. Royal 'Fab Four' are working together again. The lead up to my wedding has been disappointing. Elton John reveals the Queen's 'hilarious' side.

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James Middleton announces engagement to Alizee Thevenet. It is hard to imagine a world where if you were a woman, no less the Queen of England and you could not produce an heir, you could lose your head, literally. Harder still, is to imagine a world where the blame for infertility was levelled squarely at the entire female race.

The medical world of the time was emerging from the Dark Ages and reproduction was grossly misunderstood and infused with superstitions and remnants of magic. What recourse did Catherine have to ensure an issue? Who did she turn to? What remedies did she take? As a modern astrologer, the frustration of finding accurately timed charts to research is common, but with Henry Vlll and Catherine, we have such charts due to the fact that they were both of royal birth and as such these records are reliable.


We also have written documents in the form of letters and messages that confirm narratives and events that came to pass. In looking at their fertility through the lens of my modern technique that incorporates medieval astrology in particular, we can see both reliable affirmations of those events. Join me in looking at these charts as if they were a couple visiting my practice in Nicola Smuts is a consulting astrologer, living in the UK. She lectures internationally on her fertility work, and her research and methods in this field are pioneering and unique.

Many couples are extremely grateful to her for the valuable, time-saving advice and recommendations she is able to provide, to maximise the potential for conception. Her practical knowledge of the process of IVF and other reproductive treatments is extensive, and her own personal experience of secondary infertility makes her a compassionate and caring professional. NOTE: this is the last meeting for Buffet lunch at the Raj — Simonstown Harbour Bay centre with the speaker afterwards for our individual accounts. Maurice will speak about the transits of leading to the great conjunctions of Saturn and Pluto in January , and then Jupiter and Saturn in December Maurice will be happy to share his research about these meaningful planetary cycles to better understand how to effectively ride these powerful currents on a collective and personal scale.

He directs a professional diploma program with students from across the world. Email address:. Cape Astrology Association Astrology for Africa.

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Artwork: Death, by Alex Gray. Richard started out on his astrological journey with conventional modern western astrology, but then began exploring Jyotish in , gradually integrating Jyotish into his methodology.

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He now uses Western and Vedic astrological methods side by side in his practice. Through his writing, lectures and workshops he has been instrumental in bringing knowledge and awareness of Jyotish to the South African astrological community, and beyond. In Richard spent several months in India on a personal astrological pilgrimage, to connect with Jyotish at its source after years of self study.

He has since visited India several times to learn and teach. Richard is currently the deputy chairperson of the Cape Astrology Association. Twitter: twitter. Like Us On Facebook.